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Publication Guidelines

Posts accepted for inclusion by Adsal must cover subjects related to affiliate marketing (or internet marketing). Acceptance will be determined in the sole discretion of our editors. Post that have the sole purpose of promoting or advertising goods or services for sale is absolutely fine providing there is solid content being provided within the page. As long as you are providing interesting and engaging content that our readers enjoy and not just copying and pasting standard issue marketing material provided by those who’s product you are promoting, then our editors will be happy to approve your story. You will find plenty of opportunities to work within our system to promote your goods or services both directly and indirectly. The direct route may be the easiest to construct, but is not always the most successful!

Some examples of posts that would not be accepted:
Any post that has any direct download links. (While we understand that you may wish to offer free downloadable reports or ebooks etc, you cannot do this directly from your post. Instead, you should link to your squeeze page, offer page or sign up page where you offer any giveaways)

Any post that includes any links to payment processors. (You can promote a product or service, but you cannot sell it directly from your post. Link to the sales page from your post instead)

Any post that has more than three links included. ( Need more than 3 links? Then create more posts. If you have a very long post with multiple links, consider splitting it up. Add the words “part 1”, “part 2” etc to the title of your posts and when we approve them we will link them up together for you.)

Any post that links to, or includes content generally considered as adult related, inappropriate or illegal.

Some examples of posts that would probably be accepted:
Affiliate Marketing Tips, Advice or Strategies.
Information, commentary, analysis and opinion on current events within the affiliate marketing niche.
Reviews, information and opinion on almost any internet marketing related product or service.

Post Size
Posts of at least 300 words and no more than 1000 words are preferred. Although this is just a general guideline and not a strict rule.

Submission Advice
When you are first starting off as a contributor, do not be apprehensive about submitting your content, thinking it might not get approved. If you think that your content follows our guidelines, but are not quite sure, then submit it anyway, as you will not lose your contributor status. If there are any issues an editor will get back to you and let you know, giving you an opportunity to solve them and resubmit your edited content. All that is expected, is that you learn from your mistakes. i.e. Editors don’t want you constantly submitting content with the same issues over and over again. Doing so, would cause your account to come up for review and may result in submission privileges being lost. Remember, we are not looking for literal works of art, we just want interesting content that will engage our readers. Perfect grammar and punctuation is not essential, but please spellcheck your content prior to submission, for either US English, or UK English.

You can submit your post in plain text or HTML

What You Can Include in Your Post
Video can be included in your post providing the video is currently available on YouTube. Use YouTube embed code if submitting your post in HTML. If you are using text just add in the URL of the YouTube video, which can be found in your browsers address bar when you are on the videos page at YouTube. It will look something like this – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcY5mBPqZFk

Images can be included in your post but should not exceed 1mb. Any images must also meet

You can include up to three links to any reputable website, blog, facebook page, sales page, offer page, signup page etc in the post. (All links are checked on a regular basis before and after any post is accepted. Links that to do not adhere to our guidelines prior to acceptance will not be passed. Any deliberate changes to the destinations of any links after acceptance designed to mislead the reader or link to anything inappropriate or illegal will result in membership termination and in extreme cases notification to appropriate authorities)

It is important that your respect other peoples copyright. Prior to submitting your post, ensure you are not including any copyrighted content. In other words, your written content is either unique, or rewritten to such a high degree it would be considered and your own work. Ensure you have not included any copyright images in your content. (There is no copyright issues for YouTube videos, you can add any publicly available YouTube video to your post)

On all your posts that are published, you will have a profile section and an about section displaying below. The profile section displays your profile image and two clickable icons, one for twitter and one for Google+, should you decide to use them.